The Sensitives

6-week virtual program

If you're an overwhelmed empath, it's time to harness your intuitive power and leave exhaustion behind with the magic of energetic boundaries

Your sensitivity is not a liability - it is a gift and the centre of your power.

You've been jumping through emotional hoops to fit people's perceptions of you and you're tired. Not even tired - exhausted.

Whether you're a highly sensitive person, trauma survivor, people-pleaser, gifted child grown up or neurodivergent -you already know the cost of a never-ending performance. Your body has been footing the bill for far too long already.

Your body has been paying the price of energetic pollution because you've been anticipating other peoples' needs before you even realize you have needs too.

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You're exhausted after social gatherings with anyone who isn't in your inner circle, where you feel like you have to be "on" - which is most of the time, if we're honest.

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You can pick up on peoples' emotional states without them saying a thing - and this impacts how you feel too. On a good day, you have a premonition that can't be beat - but most days, you feel the pollution in your inner waters from other peoples energy.

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You give so much of yourself away at work, in friendships, in relationships - that you end up crawling your way back to yourself. It's so hard for you to take time for yourself and you often say "yes" before your body has a chance to say "no",

Grunge Rectangle Shape

You have a rich inner life full of creativity, nature and introspection but are often overwhelmed with sensory intrusions - like sound, light, too many people.

Ready to leave exhaustion behind? Download the FREE Care Guide for Empaths.

What you really want is to protect your energy without losing the magic of your sensitivity.

And you can feel your intuition waiting to be taken seriously.

You're feeling so much, it's overwhelming. And setting boundaries, letting alone keeping them, feels impossible.

  • Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people-pleasing - take your pick. They all detract from your authentic self.
  • You're overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted and life just seems so HARD. You're wondering when life will become soft.
  • You spend so much energy taking care of people in your life but it never seems like your turn to receive.
  • When you're laying in bed trying HARD to fall asleep, it feels like your body has forgotten how to relax. Or did you ever even know?
  • Your life feels flat, not like how you imagined it. You imagined a vibrant, full life of creativity & connection - but life just feels draining.
  • Your intuition is muffled beneath piles of other peoples' psychic discard. The expectations, obligations, perceptions, projections that don't even belong to you are so much louder than your intuition, you can't remember the last time you heard yourself.
  • In fact, it's been so long since you heard your intuition, you're not even sure you would recognize it. It's been overshadowed by anxiety and you're not certain if you've been listening to anxiety or intuition.

The worst part? You expend so much energy just trying to get through each day that, try as you might, you keep living emotionally pay check to pay check. You're energetically scraping by and are desperate to experience softness - but there's a nagging fear - do you deserve it?

Your Inner Critic is wrong.

But loud. So loud.

The inner voice that tells you're not enough [or too much], that you're the problem, the common denominator, is wrong. You & your sensitivity is not the problem. Your sensitivity is a gift and a powerful one at that. It's just that the world isn't set up for sensitivity.

Let's turn the volume down on your Inner Critic so we can hear your intuition.

Your intuition wants you to know your sensitivity isn't the problem.

Your sensitivity is not the problem - it is your power. It's just that when we've experienced power-over [hello trauma, my old friend], we mistake power as a problem. Power is not the problem - power without ethics is the problem. You embodying your own power doesn't detract from anyone elses'; in fact, it gives them permission to do the same. You are powerful, whether you like it or not so let's have ethics around your power so you can harness this incredible potential with the most ethics, shall we?

You also aren't supposed to be overwhelmed in your own life.

All the time.

Your sensitivity is not a liability. And you aren't too much.

You aren't fragile - your sensitivity is a strength. It's just that you see people so clearly and in their own fear of being seen, you take on the blame. You take on so much. It's not that you're too much - you're carrying too much. We can actualize the potential of your sensitivity by putting down what doesn't belong to you.

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What's Included

  • Step-by-step program with 20+ video lessons
  • Weekly coaching & office hours
  • Private community [without social media]
  • Over 279 pages of workbooks
  • Weekly Art Therapy
  • Reiki-infused Meditations
  • Energetic Rituals
  • Embodied Practices


what it would be like to reconnect the magic of life

Defending personal boundaries and freedom concept

You'd be able to set (and keep) boundaries that allow you to create the life you want without having walls - being vulnerable with the right people [safe people]

Two arrows diverging

You'd be able to differentiate your energy and others. You could hear your intuition over the noise of everyone & everything else.

Coffee Self Care Elements

You'd have a supportive and sustainable self-care structure to support your body's needs [because yes, you have needs] to clear your waters from energetic pollution.

"We have lived our lives behind a mask. Sooner or later - if we are lucky - the mask will be smashed. What a relief to be human."

-Marion Woodman

But don't take my word for it...

Here's a taste of what you'll receive in

The Sensitives Program.

I'm giving away the therapeutic & energetic strategies I used to reclaim my intuition.

I've been where you are.

Have we met? I'm Emma - a trauma-informed therapeutic coach & energy witch by day and sensitive bean just all of the time.

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by feelings (so many feelings) and the confusion that some of those feelings didn't seem to belong to me. But how is that even possible? I learned through psychological energy work the transference of energy & reclaimed my sovereignty.

I know what it's like to be keeled over from the exhaustion of doing too much that even doing supportive self-care felt out of reach. I learned how to set and keep boundaries - physical boundaries but also energetic ones. I learned that boundaries created space for my YES.

I know what it's like to feel baffled by intuition - knowing it's there but not knowing how to listen [or what to do when I finally heard myself]. I learned through intense healing & self-reflection the difference between anxiety and intuition. I finally discovered how to trust my Body.

I went through my Masters of Counselling Psychology and became a therapeutic coach because I took the saying, "be who you needed when you were younger" very seriously. I needed someone to tell me I wasn't the problem, that the things my body was picking up on were right - but I didn't have to hold them.

Maybe you aren't the problem. Maybe you never have been.

I created this program for Sensitive folk like me because I needed someone to teach me how to NOT hold so tightly. I needed someone to teach me how to give people their "stuff" back and identify what was actually mine. I needed to hear that I could trust myself. I needed someone to teach me HOW to trust myself.

I felt my way through the dark to find my inner light and I want to share all of the magic I've learned along the way so you can find you own light - so you can trust yourself [you can, I promise].

You deserve to protect the gift of your sensitivity.

You deserve to listen to the boundaries of your body.

You deserve to express the truth of your body.

You deserve to protect your sacred vulnerability.

You deserve consent to your life. You deserve to have equal space for your "yes" and "no".

It’s time to say “yes” to the wisdom of your body.

It’s about time you listened to yourself.

No more giving yourself away.

Welcome to The Sensitives

A complete, step-by-step program that teaches you how to protect your energetic boundaries and harness the power of your intuition so you can end cycles of burnout and actualize your potential.


So what are you saying "yes" to?

With Syconium's unique 6-step magic of boundaries, you’ll harness the power of your sensitivity through trauma-informed practices, creative rituals and tangible change.

4. PROTECT your essence with boundaries

Dash arrow

to body’s safety needs


what isn’t yours & no longer serves you

6. LISTEN to your intuition

3. INVITE safety & wholeness with a self-worth feedback loop

5. EXPRESS your truth

Is this your time?

Do you want to see what lies on the other side of FEAR?

there's so much waiting for you.

Rectangle Silhouette

This isn't just another online course.

This is a community.

This is a guided pathway to authenticity.

You can protect your energy without losing your vulnerability.

Does this sound like you?

  • Trouble sleeping and a weirdly hard time relaxing
  • Change is hard to adjust to - feeling UGH with each change
  • Feeling so much, can’t distinguish what’s “yours”
  • Overwhelmed, exhausted, burned out - overall DRAINED
  • Performance & people-pleasing rob you of your authentic gifts

Are you ready for a new way of being?

  • Less anxiety, more presence
  • Not inundated with others’ energy (learn to relax in public)
  • Listen to intuition
  • Experience sensitivity as a superpower
  • More energy and less exhausted
  • Authentic and kind boundaries

Could this be what you need?

  • Protect your energy without having walls
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Tangible, choice-based self-care schedule
  • Connect to the power of creativity
  • Develop personal resiliency without bypassing

What's Included

  1. Six group coaching sessions
    1. Weekly group call with Q&A
    2. Lifetime access to recorded sessions
  2. Free admission to weekly office hours
  3. Private group [without social media]
  4. Free group creative sessions
  5. Journal Prompts
  6. Empaths Workbook
    1. Additional resources of 279 pages of worksheets
  7. Energetic Boundaries ritual
    1. Identify your energetic signature
  8. Reiki-Infused Meditations
  9. BONUS
    1. Unlearning Perfectionism workshop
    2. Sustainable Self-Care Virtual Course
    3. Pre-recorded videos on emotions & emotion journal

Week One

LISTEN to your body's safety needs

You no longer need to repress or fear your emotions. It's time to actually take time for yourself. Together, we'll:

  • Redirect what is normal/safe/familiar
  • Create a tolerance for relaxation [harder than it sounds]

You'll garner deep inner knowings from this week, like:

  • Develop interoception [understand emotions]
  • Sustainable self-care practice to replenish your resources - and it's about time too.

Here's what you can look forward to in this 6-week program...

Week Two

CLEAR what isn't yours

You no longer need to take on other peoples' problems. It's time to learn how to be responsible for your own energy - and responsible to trust people with their own self.

It's time to stop distracting yourself with other peoples' problems.

You'll walk away from this week with clarity in:

  • How to listen & transform anxiety
  • The qualities of your energetic signature and how to clear your auric field

Week Three

INVITE safety & wholeness

Self-worth doesn't appear out of nowhere - we build self-worth by quieting the self-judgement of the Inner Critic and titrating towards getting what you deserve [in the best way]. Through this practice, we'll:

  • Clarify your identity - who you are & are not, to release conditioning
  • Create a sense of inner safety for you to expand into authenticity

Through this week, you'll learn:

  • How to develop self-worth through curiosity - not "fake it till you make it"
  • How to develop a tolerance to relaxation [easier said than done in a "busy" culture]
  • What your personal values are - so you can honour what you want [finally]

Week Four

PROTECT your essence

Asking for your needs is a big ask when you've been raised to believe you shouldn't have needs at all. But you do. This isn't your average lesson on boundaries - you'll learn the energetics of boundaries & how to set [and keep] boundaries in ways that are both clear and kind.

Our "no" creates space for our "yes". It's time to say "no" so you can say "yes" [and mean it].

You'll develop a deep understanding of:

  • Inner consent & how your body communicates "yes" and "no"
  • How to set physical, emotional and energetic boundaries to avoid living for others

Week Five

EXPRESS your truth

You deserve to live authentically, to live with congruency between your inner and outer world. I's time to say what has been unsaid for far too long. In this week, we'll:

  • Create flow in your throat chakra by practicing radical expression
  • Release coping strategies of shame & silence

You'll be introduced to a deeper awareness in:

  • Identifying persona, people-pleasing coping strategies
  • How to consciously choose authenticity, with tangible steps
  • Interacting consciously with deepest fears & deepening your relationship to your Self

Week Six

LISTEN to your intuition

You have all the answers within you. Your body is the source of your inner wisdom. The only permission you need is from yourself. Your intuition is right more than you think.

It's time to take the gift of your intuition seriously. You are more powerful than you know. There's no reason to play small, now.

In the final week of the program, you'll integrate:

  • How to differentiate intuition & anxiety
  • The different ways your intuition speaks to you - how to listen and how to respond
  • How to trust yourself - and stop waiting for confirmation from someone else

To deepen the experience of the program, you'll also have access to BONUS workshops & courses.

  • Over 8 hours of video lessons
  • 5 unique workbooks - each 20+ pages
  • Lifetime access to learn at your pace

You can continue the transformation of the program by continuing to learn from these pre-recorded BONUSES.

  • Psychological& spiritual practices WITHOUT bypassing
  • Peer support, creative practice & reiki-infused meditations to fully embody the change
Holding hands

You'll be supported through it all. You don't have to heal alone. You aren't alone in this.

There's more.

Live Group Coaching Calls

VALUE: $3800 over a whole year

You get the accelerated distillation of my 1:1 sessions.

This program is a guided process - you're not left to process alone. This isn't your average therapy session. And this isn't your average course, either.

Each week, we embody the change you've been waiting for through reiki-infused meditations, demystify your inner world with trauma-informed psychoeducation. You'll be walked through tangible practices you can implement at home - including affirmations and journal prompts.

Can't make it live? All our sessions will be recorded and there will be a few pre-recorded goodies for you to go at your own pace. If you have a question and can't make the live session, you can email it in and watch the recording!

Weekly Office Hours

VALUE: $60 total value

Got questions along the way? (Of course you do!). That's where office hours comes in. We'll deepen the themes we've addressed in our coaching call to make sure you got this (and you do!)

Think of our weekly Q&A office hours as your go-to spot for getting the clarity you need to keep moving forward. It's a cozy community you can access even after the program is completed!

Can't make it to office hours on Thursdays? You can swap for Sunday's art therapy sessions or ritual practice. And there's plenty of worksheets to keep you busy! If you have a question and can't make the live session, you can email it in and watch the recording of the coaching call.

Private Community

VALUE: $1500 total value

Healing doesn't happen outside relationship because we don't exist in a vacuum. You aren't alone in this - you'll find other folks who feel as much as you do. You'll have lifetime access to Syconium's private Discord server, with an exclusive channel for other Sensitives. We got your back.

Let's be real - social media doesn't always feel good for you [you've probably already tried to quit your socials to get some breathing room] so instead of creating another Facebook group, we're taking community off social media. If you haven't used Discord before, it's like a WhatsApp group that's less overwhelming. It takes a bit of time to learn but well worth being off the Metaverse.

It's time to understand & protect your capacity with energetic & emotional boundaries to harness your intuition


What are you waiting for?

But right now, you get everything for

Only $997

With the curriculum, coaching, and bonuses, the total value of this program is well over $5000

(in true, non-inflated prices!)

Payment Options

Split pay

6 payments of $197

Choose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access to:

  • Weekly group calls
  • All workbooks & worksheets
  • Meditation recordings

pay in full

1 payment of $997

Choose the pay-in-full option and receive lifetime access to:

  • Weekly group calls
  • All workbooks & worksheets
  • Meditation recordings

PLUS a bonus personalized sigil painted by Emma


1 payment of $1497

Get everything from the pay in full option (including the pay in full bonus) PLUS VIP "extra" at checkout to receive:

  • Natal chart review
  • Energy clearing session
  • Personal tarot reading
  • An individual 1:1 session

100% Risk Free

When you join a Syconium Program, you’re welcomed into a space that welcomes all of you with open arms with an invitation to accept yourself as you are. And the best part?

This is a proven system. This is literally the process I took myself through to harness the power of my own intuition - I've literally been where you are.

But, even though I know this program is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. If you don’t think it’s every bit as transformative as I’ve promised, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full.

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you.

*But don’t be that person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for their money back. We can see that on our course platform, and it’s just bad karma.

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Here's how it works:

As soon as you enrol in Syconium School on Teachable [using the button below], you’ll be invited to create Teachable profile with your name and email. As soon as you're enrolled in the program, you'll notice a button that says "Take me to the program" that will, in fact, take you to the program.

You'll notice the Foundational modules first; more content will be dripped each week so you're not inundated with too much at once.

You’ll be given a direct link to Weekly Office hours where you can meet other sensitive beans (and you don't even have to have your video on). You'll be invited to join our private Discord server where you’ll meet me, and all the other Sensitives joining this community of big feelers.

From there, you'll get started with the Foundations Module, join the weekly Zoom calls with me for real-time coaching and access our weekly Office Hours Q&A for support!


This could be you...

Got questions? I've got answers.


OK I get this, big time. I'm a Capricorn and we all live in capitalism so time and money are precious resources. You're already doing so much.

But what if you could have more energy? Be less exhausted, running on empty? What if life didn't feel so draining? Because that's what The Sensitives is all about. You'll be less exhausted when you aren't carrying other peoples' problems anymore. When you aren't inundated with energy that doesn't belong to you - you'll be able to show up so much more.

So yes! Life already so full. But The Sensitives will help you empty your cup to be filled with just You.


It’s both! The coaching sessions are live and recorded each week if you can't make it and there will be pre-recorded goodies to go at your own pace too! You’ll get instant access to all the course material, workbooks, tools, templates, and bonuses too!

But true learning doesn’t take place in a vacuum. I show up in our private Discord server for Q&A and ongoing support. These are like mini-coaching sessions - but over text - where you get your answers!

You can also use the group for feedback or to troubleshoot a given situation with your fellow Sensitives.


As soon as you enrol in Syconium School on Teachable, you’ll be invited to create Teachable profile with your name and email. As soon as you're enrolled in the program, you'll notice a button that says "Take me to the program" that will, in fact, take you to the program. You'll see a Foundational Module you can get started on right away!

You'll be invited to join our private Discord server and be given a link to our weekly Office Hours, along with the invites to the live coaching calls with me (Emma)!


Absolutely! We have a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee, which means you can join risk-free, and get a full refund if the space isn’t for you.

That being said, don’t be that person who joins, downloads the stuff, and asks for their money back. I’ve yet to see that strategy work. Plus, it’s bad karma.


Absolutely! A few things to get ahead of - you'll need to download Zoom and Discord from the App store. All the links will be sent to you, along with tutorials for how to engage with them. Technology can be so connective and helpful but it's also a lot. We spend a lot of time on the screen. I recommend getting a pair of blue light glasses before the program, to be as kind to your body as we can.


There's no pressure for any of the coaching calls to have your video or audio on. For me, being trauma-informed means recognizing people have all sorts of experiences in being perceived and we're here to listen to the pace of your body. We're not here to push your body past your limits.

You can participate as much or as little that you're comfortable with - both in the calls and on the Discord server.

Nervous about joining a group?

You aren't as alone as you think. So much shame is dispelled in realizing we aren't alone. As a psychologist, I see my clients struggling with the same thing - but you don't see each other. Until now.

On top of the transformation that happens in community, this same work would cost literally thousands of dollars in 1:1 therapy sessions. I mean into the $10 000 range. Not only are you saving yourself a big time financial investment but you're saving yourself TIME. You don't have to wait for your therapist to finally give you the tools you need to authentically show up. You have all of what you need right away.

Let's get started!

I'd love to see you take back your life with the magic of boundaries.

I'd love to see you harness the power of your intuition and trust yourself.

Vibrant Handdrawn Nail Biting with Overthinking and Anxiety

You'll be able to differentiate intuition from anxiety - and learn how to listen to anxiety with self-compassion

Broken Boundaries. Boy Standing inside Rectangular Shape Boundaries Drawn with Dotted Line. Personal Space Concept Cartoon Vector Illustration

You'll be able to set and keep boundaries that are clear and kind - saying no to obligation and yes to authentic connection

Various Emotions and Emojis

You'll be able to listen to your emotions without getting overwhelmed by them, learning to slow down & rest, too

You've already been waiting too long...

Ready to leave exhaustion behind? Download the FREE Care Guide for Empaths.

but this work isn't for everyone.

Grunge Rectangle Shape

If you're looking for band-aid solutions, this isn't for you. This is deep, inner work.

If you're not ready for see yourself clearly, if you're not ready to let go of the idea that you're the problem, this probably isn't for you. This requires self-compassion. You'll learn the HOW of self-compassion in the program - you just need to be willing.

This is work. Inner work is the most sacred work we'll do. You need to be willing to make the time to learn, practice, and implement the program material.

Proven Strategy.

Templates + Tools.

Live Coaching.

and a community cheering you on. Your body is waiting for you to listen. Your intuition is waiting to be taken seriously. Your authenticity is waiting to be given permission. It's time to harness your power with the magic of boundaries.


Can't wait to see you inside!

  • Step-by-step program with 20+ video lessons
  • Weekly coaching & office hours
  • Over 279 pages of worksheets
  • Private Community
  • Art Therapy
  • Reiki-infused Meditations
  • Energetic Rituals
  • Embodied Practices

Need to chat it through?

Get in touch

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Send me an email

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Get ready to reclaim your life.

Ready to leave exhaustion behind? Download the FREE Care Guide for Empaths.